Falls Fitness started from a concept that gyms can contain multiple different styles and everyone can have a good experience.  Falls Fitness is a hybrid gym that contains your standard cardio equipment, dumbells, weight machines, and classes.  At a previous gym called Powerhouse which was a big box gym that was dark and full of a lot of attitude, we created a Falls Fit zone.  This was a modern style of crossfit equipment.  The so called big guys stayed out of this area and only the cross training members used this area.  Soon we started doing some small group classes and then member challenges.  We added a leaderboard and members starting migrating to the new area.  Powerhouse was forced to move from their previous location and thats when my 10 year journey of being a personal trainer to becoming a GM happened.  Six months of being a GM/trainer turned into me owning the facility.  I knew this was the right thing to do.  When everyone told me to not do this and be afraid of the competition is when I said yes.  Too many people live in fear and in that fear lies failure.  I have taken Falls Fitness under my wings with the support of my family/friends and staff to create a comfortable workout environment.  My goal was to have every member feel like you are a part of Falls Fitness, not just a checkin number.  I have designed Falls Fitness so you can challenge yourself at any level.  We have our oldest client at 78yrs old and our youngest at 13.  My slogan remains a part of Falls Fitness.  From beginner to Athlete, We put YOU first.  Falls Fitness will grow and with your help we can create the best workout facility in North Texas.