Falls Fitness side view

Hammer Strength Equipment

Life Fitness Equipment

Performance Area


Pictured above is a few different views of our facility.  As you can see we cover all areas of exercise.  Falls Fitness is a new style of hybrid gym that offers everything from cardio equipment to performance equipment.  If you want to take classes we have a great team to help you do that.  If you want to lift heavy weights we have dumbbells up to 150lbs.  If you want to work on athletic performance we have a rack system complete with kettlebells and bumper plates.

Falls Fitness has a complete line of Life Fitness nautilus equiment to help you build strength.  We have a variety of pulley machines if you want to challenge other muscle groups while working targeted areas at the same time.  We have over 20 attachment pieces to a dual cross-cable machine complete with pulldowns, rows, tricep ropes, and straight bars.

Falls Fitness has multiple squat racks with over 10,000 lbs of free weights.  We have upper and lower body hammer strength equipment to challenge uni-lateral movements.

Also with your membership you have access to foam rollers, battle ropes, medicine balls, and TRX suspension trainer all at Zero Additional Cost

For more information please call us at 940-689-8100.  Visit our membership page for additional information about options to join our facility and be a part of a great team.

Best Deal is that we are open 24/7.